Become a Partner

Becoming an Independent Talloo Partner is easy, but it is a legal agreement between you and Talloo. Please read the Partner Agreement, we’ve put a lot of work into being very transparent and our relationship with you truly matters to us.

Here are the steps to sign up. Every application is reviewed. You will not begin earning commissions until we have activated your partnership and have 5 active members that you have referred into Talloo.

Important: Every member may become a partner, yet the status of Partner is earned after you have achieved the first goal of “Magic 5”. Review the partner agreement to gain a full understanding of the partner program.

  1. Read the Partner Agreement

  2. Complete W-9 Form

  3. Digitally sign below, and email or mail in your W-9 form.


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By completing this form you affirm that you have read and understood the Partner Agreement and are legally eligible to participate in the Talloo Partner Program. We are entering into a mutual legal agreement.
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You may send the completed W-9 form via mail or electronically:

C\O Partner Program
201 N Maple Grove Rd
Ste 110
Boise, ID 83704

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