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Introducing Circles

Circles are designed to help business professionals connect with peers and build relationships that foster long-term business and professional growth.

Circles offer a community of peers to provide insight, feedback and access - together we are better.


Types of Circles


Professional Services

Professional services, including real estate, financial and insurance professionals develop a circle of trusted partners to help their customers succeed. Your trusted sphere becomes your best referral partners.


Recruiters and human resource professionals collaborate to discover talent for the companies and customers they serve and reduce the cost of talent acquisition.


Every startup needs a trusted circle of advisers and peers. A startup circle provides the support that founders need to make good decisions for their companies.


Working as a supplier within the nonprofit sector requires a rich understanding of the unique challenges they face. A nonprofit circle provides a well-rounded solution set to help those who do good, do well.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Manufacturing and logistics circles are centered on providing services and support to these industries. Meetings are fast-paced and focused on solving the needs of the members. We share a collaborative CRM.

Commercial Development

A commercial development circle is finely tuned to surface opportunities before they hit the news. A circle of trusted partners collaborate to drive new business within the industry.


Retail merchants face some of the tightest margins and stiffest competition. A retail circle collaborates to surface best practices and practical solutions.


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How often do circles meet?

Most circles meet weekly, but that’s not required. Each circle defines when and how frequent they meet. Weekly meetings are most common because members can plan to attend every week and never lose track of whether they are meeting this week or next.

Some circles, like Professional Services and Retail, prefer to meet early in the day, while Commercial Development and Manufacturing find afternoons to be a better schedule fit. Regardless of when you choose to meet, the key is consistency, a consistent time and location.


Community Managers 

Community Managers lead their circle. Every circle operates with a playbook for maximum success, yet our Community Managers drive the conversation and manage the cadence of the circle.

Becoming a Community Manager requires special talents and leadership traits, yet anyone can become a Community Manager with a little training, which we’ll provide. What traits are we looking for?

  • Confidence

  • Commitment

  • Professionalism

  • Growth-oriented

  • Energy

  • Integrity


New circles are forming now, join in.



Talloo is a collaborative business community. We’ll connect you with a Talloo Community Manager to learn more about your business needs and help you determine if Talloo is right for you.