We Know People.

Welcome to Talloo.

We believe the strongest relationships begin with a meaningful conversation. This is our inspiration; our vision of an entirely new business network that flows between the digital world and the real world, seamlessly. We’re using technology to help small business grow like never before. We invite you to join us.


A rapidly changing business world.

Call yourself an entrepreneur, a mom-preneur, a gigger, a side-hustler or a small business. It doesn't really matter, because starting a business is the path to freedom. We see the writing on the wall and we also recognized that many small businesses fail, not because they have bad ideas or the resolve to see it through, it's because they lack the ability to market and grow their referral network beyond friends and family.

This is why we started Talloo.


More questions?

Feel free to contact us, we love telling our story and helping others succeed.