Talloo Leader Series

A confidential, non-competitive, peer coaching platform for experienced business leaders with a desire to learn, share and accelerate growth.


High Caliber Peers

We assemble non-competitive professionals of similar caliber with similar challenges. Everyone is accomplished, humble, and willing to share and improve each other’s thinking and fast-cycle personal development.


Experienced Advisors

Our advisors are current or former leaders in their organizations with success across a range of industries. They’ve faced similar challenges, know the burden of making tough decisions, and have helped hundreds of professionals grow.


Results Oriented Approach

We focus on business challenges that our members are facing. Through preparation, our time together is hyper-effective. Members view this time as an opportunity to leverage the experience of peers to maximize impact.


 Proven Process

The biggest difference between the Talloo Leader Series and other peer coaching organizations is our relentless focus on accountability and results. After years of research and working with business leaders, it has become clear that the challenges facing most companies are remarkably similar. We’ve developed a proven process to help members learn and turn each issue into an opportunity – in the least amount of time as possible.



The Leader Series is by invitation only.


Charged Monthly, with an annual agreement.
Or, $2,000, if paid in advance.

12-month term applies. Automatic annual renewal.