Pricing Update - Talloo Open Network


Talloo Open Network

Since the beginning of the Talloo Open Network, we have worked to keep the event free. Unfortunately, the work involved in coordinating and bringing you the event is something we can no longer shoulder without asking for your support in covering costs.

What's changing?

Talloo Members
The event will continue to be an included part of your monthly membership. We will share a promo code to offset the cost.

First-time Guests
First-time guests may come to the event free of charge. 

Returning Guests
Starting today we will ask for a small $5 commitment as you secure your ticket.

Our hope is that you all will continue to participate and continue to build the event. Without your support, we will be forced to sunset the event by year's end and it will cease to exist.

Thank you for supporting our great community.

George Seybold
Market Leader, Talloo