September Updates

Talloo is continually improving to meet the needs of our members. We're constantly listening to our members and identifying innovative ways to engage our community. As we improve our platform and our processes, we’ll post updates to inform you of changes that create a better platform for you.


Talloo groups are now completely organized by specialization to ensure everyone at the table is aligned and addressing the same market space.

This means, if you are doing business with midsize business, you won't be across the table from an insurance agent that writes only personal auto policies.

Specialization improves outcomes and creates predictable performance around referrals.

Specialization include:

  • Real Estate & Consumer

  • Small Business

  • Midsize Business

Exclusivity by profession

We encourage all members to meet one-on-one and at our Open Network events, yet the feedback to make groups exclusive by profession has been heard and going forward only one person from each profession may be a permanent member of a group. 

We do encourage you to visit other groups and expand your network as you go. If you have not chosen a group that’s right for you, please Contact Us.

Community Managers

We are very excited to announce the Community Program and to introduce the next chapter of Talloo - Community Managers. Community Managers are leaders in their markets. These leaders will coach members and be the point person for their groups. They will also be the first point of contact for new members, enabling our newest members the opportunity to learn why Talloo is so unique and how best to engage the network.

We are seeking new Community Managers a we expand. If you would like to apply to be a Community Manager, please Contact Us. We are seeking professionals that possess a deep understanding of their business segment (Real Estate & Consumer, Small Business and Midsize Business). We will be expanding our segments as needed as well, with specialization in Recruiting, Startups and others.

Take a moment to meet our Community Managers today.


In September we introduced sponsorships as a way to support the growth of Talloo and as a meaningful way to grow awareness of your business within the network. If your business would like to sponsor an Open Network event, please Contact Us.

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