The Spirit of Our Community.

Sharing a community ethos sets us apart, provides us direction and a foundation to support our culture. As a Talloo member we agree to:

Keep it human.

  • Acknowledge that there are always human beings in the room or on the other side of the screen.

  • Be curious, respectful and empathetic.

Show up to learn and give.

  • Respect people, even if you disagree with their ideas. Find a way to improve upon what someone shares.

  • Assume you always have more to learn. We're all students of purpose and leadership.

  • Do not spam.

Honor people’s contributions, time and commitments.

  • Discover which conversations are already happening.

  • Be patient when awaiting a response.

  • If you're sharing someone else’s content, cite them or the source if possible.

Respect people’s privacy.

  • Treat any personal information shared as confidential to this community.

  • Distribution of personal or sensitive information about other members is prohibited.

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