9.99 every month

Talloo Essentials provides you access to your local business community in an app. You’ll enjoy access to the local member directory and a common space to share ideas, connect and engage other local members.

In Talloo you’ll find a community, not just a newsfeed. We’re all working together to stay knowledgable of local business news and surface opportunity before it hits the news. Post jobs, locally impacting business stories and information about your products and services. The newsfeed is monitored by community managers and members are supported in putting their best foot forward.


Talloo is a private business community.

Together we are growing a (real) business community that is authentic, collaborative, diverse, and respectful. A community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, artisans, nonprofits, and business professionals.

Our approach to community is underscored by our desire to build a better community that uses technology to connect people in real life.

We are authentic in that we bring our true selves everyday to what we say and do. Collaborative as we strive to be abundant and cooperative in everything we do. We are diverse and inclusive in our hearts and present in everything we do – in principle and in practice. And we are respectful. We value other people’s perspective, in our communities whether we are online or face-to-face.